Elasticsearch Plugin is a GUI Client for Elasticsearch based on IntelliJ Platform. It is designed to query and manage Elasticsearch cluster. You can connect to a local cluster, to a server, or in the cloud. Supports all versions of Elasticsearch and OpenSearch.

Video introduction

To get a quick tour of basic Elasticsearch Plugin features, see the following introduction video (3 minutes) but it is a bit outdated.

First steps

These set of topics are focused on describing features, functionality, the application interface, and might help you to get started quickly.

Installation → Install the plugin in your IDE

Connection → Start working with Elasticsearch cluster by creating a connection to it.

Elasticsearch tool window → Browse your cluster details.

Console → Execute requests to Elasticsearch.

Response view → Browse response in JSON or Table view.

Searching Data → Search your data.

Editing Data → Manage Elasticsearch documents.

Feedback and Bug Reports → Create a bug report or feature request.